Court Procedures

What if I do not appear?


If you fail to appear at any scheduled court date, you will be defaulted on that date and given 30 days to pay your fine and any restitution. You will be notified of this action by mail.


A summons may be issued on a citation that requires restitution or is drug/alcohol related.


Juveniles are required to appear with a parent or guardian. Failure to appear will result in a SUMMONS to the juvenile and SUBPOENA to the adult who is subject to a contempt citation for disregarding a subpoena. Parents can be held liable for fines.


What if I fail to pay my fine?




A GOOD CAUSE/INDIGENCY hearing will be held prior to imposing penalties to collect the fines and restitution.


Failing to pay may result in a sentence to the Brown County Jail, suspension of a driver’s license, entering you in (TRIP/SDC) a program that will intercept your state income tax refund or other options permissible by law.


Suspending a driver’s license does not preclude paying the fine. The fine must be paid and a fee paid the state to re-instate your driver’s license.



Can I appeal a court decision?



After a trial The Clerk of Court will provide you with the information to file an appeal. Appeals must be within a specific time and require a fee to be paid the Circuit Court.


Who gets the fine money?


Neither the Municipal Court nor the Police Department gets the money from your fine. The money is shared by the Municipalities, County and State.


What if I have a question?


Mistakes happen and the court is no exception. If you receive a notice from the court that you question DO NOT hesitate to bring it to the clerk’s attention. Phone 920-660-2331


There is voice mail. Give your name, phone number, a current address, the citation number and what you believe is in error. The court will return your phone call in a timely manner. If you do not get a response, phone again within three days.



Information in this brochure is provided as a public service. It is not legal advice. The court cannot

provide legal advice.

Brown County Joint Municipal Court


The Brown County Joint Municipal Court established the Municipal Court in May 2010, under rules set by the state Legislature and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Most traffic and municipal ordinance citations are handled by the Municipal Court.


When appearing in court, you will be asked to sign in on an initial appearance sheet.


Before anything can be discussed with the judge you must enter a plea. This is to ensure that you receive a fair hearing in this Court.



PO Box 278, Wrightstown, WI 54180

Phone: 920-660-2331