Court Appearance

When you appear:

The court sessions for the Brown County Joint Municipal Court are held at the Glenmore Community Center, 5718 Dickinson Road, De Pere, WI 54115. The judge sits in the middle of the platform at the front of the chambers. To the right is the Court Clerk. As you enter, please sign in.  Your case will be called in the order in which you signed in. You will be called to the podium in front of the judge and to enter a plea on your Initial Appearance. The judge will explain all of the options.



The judge cannot discuss your case until a plea has been entered.


If you plead NOT GUILTY, a pre-trial will be set to discuss the case with the Municipal Attorney. The judge will not hear any testimony at that time.


You may plead NO CONTEST or GUILTY. A NO CONEST plea precludes the use of the court action in any subsequent litigation. The judge will ask if you have anything to say prior to making his decision on your case.


There are NO jury trials in Municipal Court. You do have the option at your initial appearance on a drunk driving arrest to ask for a jury trial in Brown County Circuit Court.