Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not appear?

If you fail to appear at any scheduled court date, you will be defaulted on that date and given 60 days to pay your fine and any restitution. You will be notified of this action by mail.

A summons may be issued on a citation that requires restitution or is drug/alcohol related.

Juveniles are required to appear with a parent or guardian. Failure to appear will result in a SUMMONS to the juvenile and SUBPOENA to the adult who is subject to a contempt citation for disregarding a subpoena. Parents can be held liable for fines.

What if I fail to pay my fine?


Failing to pay may result in a sentence to the Brown County Jail, suspension of a driver’s license, entering you in (TRIP/SDC) a program that will intercept your state income tax refund or other options permissible by law.

Suspending a driver’s license does not preclude paying the fine. The fine must be paid and a fee paid the state to re-instate your driver’s license.